Nose Treatment Rhinitis Therapy Device /Sinusitis Relief

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*1. Low-intensity laser irradiation, no pain, no side effects,. It has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, anti-aging and immunity, and is suitable for the treatment and health care of individuals and families.

*2. The instrument contains no drugs or chemicals. Laser treatment radically enhances detoxification and immunity.

*3. The rhinitis treatment instrument is a semiconductor laser treatment instrument developed based on modern medicine and clinical practice, which performs radiation therapy on the nasal cavity.

*4. Helps activate blood physiological functions, improve blood rheology, improve red blood cell biological activity, reduce platelet aggregation, improve blood rheology, lower blood viscosity, blood lipids, cholesterol, dilate blood vessels, regulate blood pressure, improve microcirculation, Prevent thrombosis.

*5. Produce photochemical effects, increase the metabolism of gases and nutrients in the blood, improve the body's oxygen and nutrient supply, and improve the body's ability to resist oxidation and scavenge oxygen free radicals.